Whether you have just bought a motorhome, are new to the world of motorhome holidays, or have decided to hire a motorhome and do some touring this year, here are a few tips which will help ensure your holiday, and motorhome, run smoothly.

A vintage shoot with a motorhome caravan car near the Mediterranean sea in a beautiful summer day.

Getting ready to roll

The day before leaving, give your motorhome the once over. Remember that a thorough, full service must be carried out prior to leaving for your holiday, especially if this is to be the first trip of the new season. If you’ve hired the motorhome from a professional rental company, checks will have been done before you picked it up.

Make sure you have things like bedding or sleeping bags, crockery and cutlery, and don’t forget the bottle opener or corkscrew.

Make sure everything is working in the vehicle that should be. Check the fridge, portable TV, DVD player, chemicals for the toilet are stored, and the gas bottle is full, including the spare if it takes one.


Minimise your luggage

Keep clothing and footwear to a minimum, as motorhomes have little storage space and you will soon get fed up tripping over a case full of clothes you can’t fit anywhere else. Pack everything into the available storage space and for anything left over: decide if you really need it.


Take your bicycles

If you have bicycles take them, cycle racks aren’t that expensive and a hire company can give you a van with racks fitted. If you haven’t got bikes, unless you know you definitely won’t need them, hire a couple. Motorhomes are big vehicles, so being able to park up and hit a few cycle trails will make your holiday more enjoyable.


Remember what you are driving

Have a last check in the van before moving off. Make sure nothing, but nothing, can slide about or fall off tables or shelves when cornering. Store it, strap it down, or leave it at home.

You don’t need an LGV licence to drive a motorhome, but it will certainly seem like you are driving a large truck when on the road. Plan journeys from place to place, keeping as much as possible to the larger roads. Sooner or later you are going to have to hit the lanes and byways to get to a lot of campsites, especially in the UK. Remember the length and width of the vehicle, and drive defensively.


Overnight parking

Do your homework and plan your travelling so you have somewhere to park up overnight. Overnight parking is very restricted in the UK, but most long-stay car parks will allow a one night stopover. Remember to check the height of your vehicle if a barrier is in place.

Some of the camping and motorhome clubs have overnight parking facilities available for a maximum of five vehicles. These usually have basic site amenities like a showers, chemical toilet disposal, and fresh water.


Parking on Organised Sites

There are a plethora of official camping and touring sites the length and breadth of the UK. Using these sites will put you in touch with people of a similar mind, and information and help will be freely given, especially to a ‘newbie.’ Supermarkets, showers, toilets, electrical hook-ups, toilet emptying points, and fresh water are all available, and not forgetting, of course, the clubhouse.


Here at Glenns Motorhomes, we offer an extensive range of high quality used motorhomes throughout Nottingham. As motorhome enthusiasts ourselves, we can provide expert advice on which design will best suit your individual requirements and budgets, giving you the peace of mind that comes with hiring the expertise of motorhome specialists. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today. Alternatively, why not visit our motorhome showroom to view our vehicles first hand?