Using a fuel efficient motorhome is not only an eco-friendly option, it also saves a considerable amount on running costs and can even reduce the risk of accidents. Your choice of vehicle can affect your overall fuel consumption, but there are a number of things you can do to save money and reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and pollution no matter what you drive.

There are few simple ways you can boost the overall fuel-efficiency of your vehicle by as much as 30% through vehicle maintenance and consideration to your style of driving…

fuel efficient

Prior to your trip

Any extra weight in the vehicle means excess fuel is being used, so if there is anything in the boot you don’t require for the journey, take it out!

Plan your trip thoroughly to ensure you don’t get lost during unfamiliar journeys and check the news before you leave so you don’t waste fuel stuck in long queues of traffic. Leave for your journey promptly and don’t start the engine until you are ready to go to avoid fuel consumption.

As the winter months are fast-approaching, a handy fuel-efficient tip is to scrape the ice off your vehicle rather than leaving it running to warm up.

During the trip

  • Drive steadily during your journey, accelerating gently and remaining alert of the road ahead to avoid unnecessary hard braking as this can increase fuel consumption by as much as 40%
  • Decelerate smoothly
  • Stopping and starting again uses more fuel than rolling
  • Cut down on the amount of air conditioning used during the trip
  • Monitor use of power accessories. Turn off your heated rear windscreen and headlights when you do not require them
  • Stick to the speed limits
  • Select the right gear. This can have such a positive effect that all vehicles in the future are likely to be fitted with a Gear Shift indicator light to show the most fuel efficient gear change points
  • Coasting. This may be common practice by most drivers to save fuel, but rolling downhill or approaching a junction with the vehicle out of gear in not advised as the driver does not have total control of the vehicle


It is extremely important that you schedule your vehicle in for regular servicing to maintain energy/fuel efficiency and ensure it remains in top working order. Further to this, make sure you use the correct specification of engine oil using the handbook and routinely check the tyre pressure as under-inflated tyres create more rolling resistance and, in turn, use more fuel. The importance of regular maintenance cannot be stressed enough, as it can mean the difference between a vehicle which will respond quickly in dangerous situations and one which will not.

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