As the days become lighter and Spring fast approaches, there’s no better time than now to start planning a summer holiday or trip abroad. Owning a motorhome gives you the freedom to go wherever you desire, giving you the opportunity to experience new places both within the country and overseas; the world truly is your oyster with a motorhome!

This article will act as a motorhome owner’s guide for travelling to Europe, so you can feel fully prepared before to setting off on your next adventure!

Euros - The cost of travelling across Europe can add up if left uncontrolled.

1. Sat nav

Arguably the most important part of the journey, you must make sure your motorhome is equipped with a suitable sat nav, so you can enjoy a leisurely drive without having to worry about the route. Whilst it may seem tempting to use the sat nav from your car in your motorhome too, such devices are unable to tailor the journey to suit the requirements of your vehicle.

Motorhome sat navs are specially designed to cater for the length, width and weight of your vehicle, identifying the safest, most appropriate route for you to take. For example, if you experience some heavy traffic or end up going the wrong way, a motorhome sat nav has the appropriate technology to reroute your vehicle, avoiding low bridges or certain weight and width restrictions.

When it comes to long journeys, it’s always safe to have a backup plan in case your sat nav fails while you are driving. As such, you should make sure you keep an up-to-date road atlas in your vehicle should you need to deviate from your sat nav system.

2. Loose coins in correct currency

Whilst us Brits are renowned for queuing politely, the last thing you want to do on your holiday is sit in a long queue at a toll booth for hours on end. Many European countries have toll roads as part of their roadway system, so you should keep plenty of change with you during your journey to ensure you can fly through the barriers without waiting.

It’s worth noting that you must make sure all the loose change you keep aside for toll booths is in the correct currency, otherwise you may find yourself stranded on the roadside!

3. Driving on the right side of the road

Although this may seem obvious, once you are in holiday mode or have been driving for a long period of time it can be easy to forget which side of the road you should be on. Safety is paramount on the roads and, as such, you should prepare accordingly, so you constantly remember to stay on the right side of the road – even if it means drawing it on your hands or leaving yourself post-it note reminders in your car!

4. Prepare for the unexpected

When it comes to travelling in another country, you must prepare yourself and your motorhome for every eventuality. As such, motorhome insurance is an absolute must, so you can rest assured knowing that you are covered should you experience any problems during your trip.

You must also follow the strict rules in European countries by equipping your car with the necessary items, including:

  • GB vehicle sticker
  • A warning triangle
  • High visibility jacket
  • First aid kit
  • Headlight converters
  • Portable breathalyser (when travelling in France)

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