The first few warm days of the year have got us all thinking about summer, and more precisely, our summer holidays! For anyone with a motorhome or campervan, that means everything from meticulously planned trips to the South of France to spontaneous trips away to the Cornish coast! So, don’t hold up your holidays! Make sure your motorhome is prepared for summer too…


#1 Spring Service

There’s nothing worse than getting half way to your destination and breaking down – so make sure you arrange a motorhome service from a professional who will inspect the mechanics, tyres, body work, lights and engine. Also check that your insurance, tax and MOT are all in date and that you’ve taken care of any advisories to ensure that your motorhome is in the best possible condition and will serve you well all summer!


#2 Habitation Checks

Once you’re sure that your engine and mechanics are working properly, you can move on to the interior. Most motorhome service centres will also carry out a full habitation check in just a few hours to ensure everything that makes your motorhome your home from home is functioning properly for your comfort and use. This includes:

  • Checking that the gas, water and electrical systems are all functioning
  • Inspecting the locks, testing their safety and effectiveness
  • Opening and adjusting all blinds, awnings, windows and roof lights
  • Checking the underbody and chassis mountings
  • Fire safety and general security checks


#3 Spring Clean!

The next thing on the list is to make sure your motorhome is sparkling clean. This isn’t just to keep it looking good, but will actually help to prolong the life of your motorhome. Build-ups of grime, dirt and debris and rust can have adverse effects on the structure – and don’t forget that your motorhome can also get damp, like your home, which will cause damage and discomfort. So give it a through clean – inside and out – and make sure it will last for many more summers to come.


#4 Stock up

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys spontaneous trips away, make sure you have enough food and supplies to last you a few days so you can just pack up and go whenever you want. Pantry essentials and tinned food will keep you going for a while, but consider getting a different set of kitchen and bathroom essentials, such as cutlery, tin openers, bed linen, towels and toiletries, that can stay in your motorhome all year round too.


#5 Invest in a new motorhome…

We know you are likely to have built up years of happy memories from previous holidays with your old motorhome – but if the time has come to get a new one, now is the time to do it. Glenns have a huge array of used motorhomes in the best possible condition, ready for you to drive away today!

We’re sure to have a motorhome to suit your exact requirements, with modern features to ensure comfort and reliability! Simply browse through the latest additions, give us a ring or pop in to see us today for some practical advice on your next motorhome!