Your motorhome is a valuable investment so it is highly recommended that you take the appropriate security measures to protect your vehicle for total peace of mind. Not only is the motorhome itself a target for thieves, but it is often filled with valuable contents such as electronics, cash and credit cards so you need to make sure it is completely safe and secure.

Although it may seem obvious, many motorhome owners forget the basic precautions such as closing and locking all windows and doors when they are away from the vehicle and never leaving valuables on display.

There is an extensive range of devices on the market today which are designed to secure your motorhome and reduce the risk of theft:

motorhome security

Wheel clamps
This is an extremely effective way of preventing your vehicle from being taken by thieves. The higher the quality of the design, the more difficult the wheel clamps are to remove so they are definitely worth investing in.

Steering wheel locks
These are an excellent visual deterrent and are available in a bar-lock, circular locks or chain and padlock depending on which you would prefer for your vehicle.

Gear locks
This device allows you to lock the gear stick to the hand brake so any thieves will be unable to move the vehicle.

A tracking device
This state-of-the-art piece of security equipment monitors your vehicle 24/7. It operates by sending a signal via remote control to a control centre when the vehicle is stolen, which detects the vehicle’s exact location and stops the thieves in their tracks.

An immobiliser
Every time you switch off your motorhome’s engine, the immobiliser will automatically activate so if a thief manages to gain access to your vehicle, they will be unable to drive it away.

An alarm
The loud siren acts as an excellent audio deterrent which is triggered when the vehicle door is opened.


It truly pays to spend as much money as possible into the highest quality product you can afford so your vehicle and its irreplaceable contents are totally secure. Further to this, a suitable motorhome insurance policy is a necessary investment to protect all your personal and sentimental items before it’s too late.

Keeping your valuable possessions safe is extremely important, although finding suitable storage can prove to be a challenging task. Your current storage may not be as secure as you think as not even lockable units will be enough to deter thieves. So, replace your existing storage facilities with a durable, hardwearing floor-anchored safe to store your precious items.

When using your motorhome to go on holiday, you want to feel reassured that your vehicle and its contents are completely safe and secure, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip. Here at Glenns Motorhomes our wealth of experience means we have the necessary knowledge to provide professional advice on which model will best suit your requirements and how to look after your vehicle. We offer a comprehensive range of affordable motorhomes in a variety of models and brands to find the ideal solution for you. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today – we are always happy to help!