As the weather becomes wetter and the temperature starts to drop, there’s no better time than now to prepare your motorhome for the upcoming winter months. Contrary to popular belief, motorhomes are not rendered useless during the winter season – far from it. Winter touring is the latest outdoor leisure trend which has become massively popular for those looking to avoid the busy summer season and holiday during the winter instead.

Whether you decide to go for a spontaneous road trip or schedule in a week away to take advantage of good weather, winter touring offers a relaxing, cosy experience. The quieter roads and peaceful campsites make for the perfect winter retreat – all you need to do is check that your motorhome is fully prepared for the trip to avoid any hassle during your journey!

winter touring

1. Check the exterior of your motorhome

Safety is of paramount importance when using your motorhome during the winter, so you need to check the condition of your vehicle to make sure it can withstand your journeys. From crisp, sunny skys to snowstorms, in typical British style the weather can be very varied during the winter. Therefore, your motorhome must be fully equipped to face such adverse weather conditions so you can stay safe on the roads.

During the winter months, your motorhome will require different levels of coolant and possibly even an oil change, so make sure you check under the hood before you set off on your journey.

Furthermore, you must take a moment to check your vehicle’s tyres to ensure:

  • you have the appropriate amount of tread (this is a legal requirement)
  • there is plenty of grip on the road
  • they are prepared to take on snow chains if required

Not only will keeping your tyres in good condition improve your safety on the road, it will also help save you money on fuel as your vehicle can work efficiently.


2. Check the interior of your motorhome

Facilities within your motorhome must be functioning correctly to ensure your vehicle is habitable during your trips away. This includes:

  • Checking all heating systems are working correctly
  • Regularly inspecting for damp – not only can this cause a great deal of damage, it can also affect your health
  • Checking your batteries and gas levels to ensure you have an adequate gas and electricity supply during your journey – it’s often helpful to bring spares in case you run out


3. Kit out your motorhome with winter warming essentials

In preparation for the adverse weather conditions, it’s wise to pack for sleet, snow, hail and sunshine. Temperatures can plummet during strong winds or at night, so you should stock up your vehicle with:

  • Jumpers
  • Coats
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Hot water bottles
  • Blankets

It’s also worth noting that while wellies or walking boots may be the perfect attire for the activities you have planned, they are completely inappropriate to drive long journeys in. Therefore, make sure you bring the appropriate footwear to suit all purposes.


Here at Glenns, we want to make your motorhome experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. To achieve this, we offer a comprehensive motorhome servicing and repairs service to keep your vehicle running at optimum performance. If you have taken inspiration from the idea of winter touring and are looking to purchase a second home, we also provide an extensive range of motorhomes from leading manufacturers. To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.