In the motorhome industry, we’re often asked to advise customers on satnavs for larger vehicles, such as motorhomes. Cars towing caravans are also affected by inappropriate satnav systems, which don’t take into account the additional length, width and weight of your vehicle. Thankfully, there are many large-vehicle-specific satnavs on the market from brands such as Garmin, TomTom and Pronav, which are ideal. In this article, let’s see why you’ll not regret investing in a large-vehicle-specific satnav.


Purchasing a large vehicle satnav

sat nav

If you’ve been searching the market already, you’ll have noticed that large vehicle satnavs will cost more compared to a typical satnav. The premium is due to the additional data and capabilities of the unit.

In order to guide you safely to your destination – without being directed down a narrow, medieval street or across an old bridge that won’t take your vehicle’s weight – your satnav needs extra built-in information. You are essentially paying for the use of this information and the ability to update the information in future using the manufacturer’s online services. This service also makes the unit future-proof to some extent.

Caravan models

Some satnavs will be geared towards the many caravan owners in Britain. In this instance it’s typical for a unit to be used with a car, too. What you will get for your extra buck is a prompt when the satnav is started up. It will ask whether you are in single car mode or in ‘camper’, ‘towing mode’ or similar.

Programme the exact dimensions of your motorhome

Because large vehicle satnavs are based on machines that lorry drivers use, they often have the option to input specific data about your motorhome. You’ll be able to tailor your journey to accommodate the exact height, weight, length and width of your leisure vehicle. This ensure that every conceivable obstacle that must be avoided is not put in your way and every feature of the landscape that you can safely pass through isn’t ignored by the satnav. With this feature, you’ll truly be taking a journey tailored to you.

Always have a map as back up

road map

Satnavs are brilliant but there is a downside. Should you fail to charge the satnav or power it while driving, then it will stop working and you’ll have rely on the road signs to get you to your destination. Not ideal! A satnav’s reliance on electrical power means that if damage occurs to the satnav unit, its associated cable or the cigarette lighter in your vehicle, then you’ll encounter power issues. The lesson here is to always bring a map as an analogue back up!

Plan the route using the correct settings

A satnav has more than one way to plan a route and calculate time and distance. If you happen to select ‘fastest time’ or ‘quickest route’, this will likely override the ‘camper’ or ‘large vehicle mode’ that you programmed earlier. In which case, you might find yourself on an unsuitable road. Always check the settings before you head out on your journey.

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