At Glenns Motorhomes, we’re dedicated to supplying top quality motorhomes at the lowest possible prices. Unfortunately, your insurance provider isn’t quite as interested in offering you a bargain on your recreational vehicle insurance, so this month we’re giving you our top tips on how to drive your insurance premiums down. The only driving you’ll have to worry about then is the quickest route to a sunny campsite.


The Caravan Club

Despite the name, the Camping and Caravan Club welcome motorhome owners, and their branch of insurers, Club Care Insurance, specialise in caravan and motorhome policies. You could benefit from a 5% discount if you’re a club member, and even if you’re not, their discounts for low annual mileage are impressive.


No Claims Discount

Ask your insurer if they can match the no claims bonus you’ve earned driving your car and apply it to your motorhome policy. After all, you’ve proved yourself a capable motorist, so whether you drive a car or a larger motorhome, you deserve some form of recompense for staying safe on the road.


Named Drivers

It makes sense for insurers to base their premiums on the youngest or least experienced driver named on the policy. However, the amount of extra cash they charge for an inexperienced driver can be out of proportion with how often (or how well) that person drives.

Consider who is going to drive your motorhome and how often. You can easily see this in action by comparing quotes online. It’s quick and easy and you will see how much more you’ll be paying by adding a new driver who might only use the vehicle once or twice a year.


Motorhome Manoeuvring Course

Never heard of it? Well, you should have. This inexpensive one day course by the Camping and Caravanning Club costs £150 and in approximately two years this cost can be recouped by a lower insurance premium. You’ll learn about the implications of driving a larger vehicle and you’ll save money in the long run.


Find the Best Storage

Find the best place possible to store your motorhome, because your postcode could be the reason your premium is so high. Unfortunately, where you live can make a huge difference to what price you pay to protect your beloved camper. Living in an inner city area can add up to 20% on your insurance premium, so consider moving your motorhome to a local garage or even a CaSSOA site.


CaSSOA stands for The Caravan Storage Site Owners Association and they are an accredited body with the facilities to store you motorhome all year round in a remote and secure location. By keeping your motorhome at this address, you could save hundreds of pounds depending on where you currently live or keep your motorhome.


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