If you love the outdoors but can’t give up your creature comforts then a motorhome is perfect for you. The modern motorhome has tackled the challenges of decent beds, quality kitchens and electricals, heating – even showers – but with the dawn of the internet comes another hurdle: many travellers want access to the internet while on the go.

Here’s how to get your motorhome connected.


wifi logo

There are many campsites and caravan sites around the UK that now offer WiFi. However, the quality, cost and availability varies with each location. Some offer free WiFi, some offer packages at a price and others have none whatsoever.

If you luck-out and the signal is good and accessed via a password, you’ll have the best of both worlds: internet in your camper and no costs for data. However, this is rarely the case and depends on many factors, such as the weather and how far away from the router you are pitched.

It’s best to read the campsite’s reviews before heading over to get an idea of the quality of the WiFi. If the WiFi is considered decent, it is worth investing in a signal booster to ensure that it is useable.

You can get WiFi signal boosters that connect to your PC via a USB port and these are just a small antenna that is far more effective than the computer’s internal circuitry. Even more effective models include antennas that attach to the side of your motorhome.

Pros: WiFi is often unlimited, which is brilliant for data-hungry applications like streaming music and video.

Cons: Signal can drop suddenly like a quality beat. Bad weather, vegetation and distance from the router are just a few things that causes WiFi problems.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband works very well. What you have to look out for, however, are the additional charges. This is because to access mobile broadband, you must purchase a data plan.

You have the option to use a dongle, which is a USB device that provides the internet signal. Otherwise, it’s a popular method to use your smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. This means that the data plan you purchased with your phone can be used to connect your laptop to the internet.

However, be sure to read the small print on your contract. Some providers still do not allow this or incur enormous charges for certain uses of the data, such as when travelling in continental Europe. Although, many have relaxed their rules regarding usage, so check it out. It could be the right option for you.

Pros: Mobile broadband is more reliable than WiFi.

Cons: Data may be plentiful but it comes at a cost and not all rural locations can be covered.


Are you going to live in your motorhome for vast lengths of time and in harsh environments at the edges of civilisation? Tundra, deserts, swathes of Yorkshire countryside, for many months? If your answer is ‘yes’, then investment in a satellite access system sounds like the right choice for you.

It costs around £3000.00 for initial setup, then anywhere from £30-£60 per month after that. If internet connection is absolutely vital to you (you’re either a digital entrepreneur or an arctic explorer) then satellite access is by far the most reliable option.

Pros: Most reliable form of accessing the internet in a remote location by many, many, many metrics.

Cons: Expensive to set up.

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