Owning a motorhome offers so many advantages and opportunities but only if you keep it healthy. There are plenty of things to maintain and look after with a motorhome that it might seem overwhelming and even the simplest oversights can lead to costly repairs.

Here at Glenns we’ve put together this two part guide to the most common maintenance mishaps made by motorhome owners so you can learn what to look out for.

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Checking Your Tyres Only When They’re Hot

You should always check your tyre pressure when they’re cold. Often, people will check only when they’re hot which only ends in producing a false reading due to the fact that hot air will expand. If your tyres are already hot and you plan to check the pressure, wait a few hours until they’ve settled to their normal state and add air according to their pressure when cold. Don’t reduce the pressure of hot tyres, even if they read above acceptable levels.

Not Regularly Checking Your Battery’s Water Level

A common problem with motorhomes is the early death of the battery. This can be caused by overcharging or through high battery usage and recharging cycles. The problem here is that the electrolyte is boiled off, exposing plates which leads to corrosion. To extend the life expectancy of your battery do a regular check of the water levels. If plates are exposed, refill only so the exposed plates are covered again. You should use distilled water when adjusting water levels.

Neglecting Your Black Water Holding Tank

Not looking after your black water tank can cause blockages and make it harder to drain and keep clean over time. You shouldn’t just concern yourself with the black water tank only for the amount of time it takes to empty it. Thoroughly rinsing your tank after emptying will help keep it clean and fight against clogging in the future. Make sure to use an enzyme cleaner, which helps soften accumulated sludge on the sides or bottom of the tank, making it easier to flush through the system.

Also, when you do empty the tank, make sure you’re emptying it when it’s almost full. Leaving the tank connected to the dumping station or sewer to gradually drain means the solids will be left behind after the water has drained. This will add up and cause significant damage in the future, and could cost thousands to rectify. Make sure the tank is approaching full before you empty it all at once.

Not Performing Pre-Departure Checks

Of all the things you can overlook, pre-departure checks are the easiest. Every motorhome owner will have found themselves guilty of this in the past, but hopefully only a few (if any) of you have had to suffer the consequences. Going through the simple routine before every departure will go a long way towards limiting or cutting growing repair bills as time goes on. Things to perform a cursory check on include the steps, the power cords, the antenna and the awnings.

Check the utilities inside, that any loose fittings are secure and drawers are closed. Dangerous objects should be stowed away properly so they don’t move around unpredictably during your travels.

Take the time to walk around your motorhome. Check on top and underneath before every departure to ensure peace of mind. Giving things the once over should reveal any problems and doesn’t take long at all.

That covers the first part of our motorhome maintenance mishap guide; be sure to check back here for part two.

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