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How to Tow Your Caravan Safely

A caravan without a tow is no good at all. If you are looking to travel to far-flung holiday destinations in safety as well as style, but are unsure about the basics of how to tow your caravan safely, then read on. Before you tow: get the right driving license Firstly, you need the right […]

What Are The Best Places In The UK To Visit In Your Motorhome?

There’s literally billions of places to stay in the UK with a motorhome! Not sure where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This month, we’re getting out the maps and compass, and conjuring some paradisiacal images to kickstart your summer travels. From the tin mines of south west Cornwall, to the highest […]

How to Save on Motorhome Insurance: Glenns’ Top Tips!

At Glenns Motorhomes, we’re dedicated to supplying top quality motorhomes at the lowest possible prices. Unfortunately, your insurance provider isn’t quite as interested in offering you a bargain on your recreational vehicle insurance, so this month we’re giving you our top tips on how to drive your insurance premiums down. The only driving you’ll have […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Motorhome Insurance – Part 2

Welcome back to Glenns Motorhomes’ Beginner’s Guide to Motorhome Insurance. If you missed Part 1 in the series, be sure to check back on our post from April to learn the basics of what type of motorhome you can insure, the kind of coverage you need and how to get the lowest premium possible. Motorhome […]

Your Quintessential Guide to Choosing the Best Motorhome for You – Part 3: Buyers Tips & Types of Motorhome to Choose From

For the final part in this series, we will discuss the practicalities and drawbacks of different sizes of motorhome and suggest some tips and tricks for getting a good deal. We covered the lifestyle change of motorhome ownership in Part 1 and crunched the numbers in Part 2, so let’s quit stalling and consider the […]

Your Quintessential Guide To Choosing The Best Motorhome For You – Part 2: Number Crunching & Logistics

In our last article, we began our look at all important decisions and considerations you should make before choosing the motorhome for you. We’ve looked at initial research and put some thought into how a motorhome might impact your life – as well as how expert advice can inform your decision. But now it’s time […]

Your Quintessential Guide To Choosing The Perfect Motorhome – Part 1: Courting The Motorhome Of Your Dreams

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in a motorhome – that’s great news! You’ll no doubt be eager to get behind the wheel, but if you want to find the perfect motorhome for you, one that will suit your every need and last for many years to come, you’ll need to make […]

Common Motorhome Mishaps – Part 2

This month we are continuing on from part 1 of our look at the most common motorhome mishaps that befall many a motorhome owner. These simple oversights can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary damage, and the team here at Glenns want to make sure that you know exactly what to look out for so […]

The Cost Of Travelling Around Europe For A Year In Your Motorhome

As we fast approach the summer season, there’s no better time than now to start planning a trip in your motorhome! In recent years, more and more people have been choosing to take a year out and drive their motorhome around Europe. This allows travellers to experience a plethora of new places at their own […]