So it’s the beginning of a new year and you have plenty to look forward to and lots of plans to make. And while the weather is still miserable, the first thing many of us are looking forward to is our holiday! Whether you’re planning a trip with friends, your yearly family holiday or a quiet getaway, you have to decide whether you’re going to drag the tent out of the shed or start frantically searching the internet for an affordable hotel that offers everything you want.



Camping is great fun – waking up with the sunshine and BBQs every night. But let’s face it, in England you’re just as likely to find your tent floating away with torrential downpours as you are to wake up with the sunshine, and after a long day at the beach or exploring a new town, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself over to the communal showers and set about getting the BBQ ready again


Motorhomes / B&Bs

But what’s the alternative?  Hotels are expensive, and B&Bs don’t always offer everything you want! So why not look into the great benefits of owning your very own motorhome or caravan and go glamping. Just because you want an easy, budget break away doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice life’s little luxuries.


Electric Appliances

For starters there are the appliances! Alright, you can get an electric hook up for your tent, but it’s not the same as getting in, flicking on the kettle, getting the milk out of the fridge and popping dinner in the oven. It’s so much easier and more convenient that cooking over a BBQ every night, having to fork out for meals and takeaways for your family or wait for the hotel dinner times!

Many people won’t believe us until they’ve tried it, but if you’re holidaying in a motorhome or caravan you’ll have your own living space, with sofas and a space to relax after a busy day. In a tent the most you can look forward to is an air bed or a camping chair or a communal lounge area in a hotel and very little privacy!


Running Water

Of course, one of the best things about a motorhome or caravan that a camping holiday just can’t offer is the luxury of running water! There are no communal shower blocks or treks across dark fields in the middle of the night to the toilets. Instead, you get lots of clean water for cooking, cleaning and drinking.



And don’t forget you have the added benefit of heating so if the temperature should unexpectedly drop, which is likely, your family will be cosy and comfy. And whilst we’re on the subject of the weather, you can also be sure that you have more than a flimsy, cold tent to protect you should the heavens opens!

And there’s always the fact that you’ll be settled into your holiday accommodation straight away! No struggling to put up the tent in gale force winds, arguing over which pegs go where and unloading your entire 2 weeks’ worth of belongings, equipment and food into a tiny tent! Instead everything you need is there, unpacked and ready to use.

So although a motorhome or caravan may cost a little more initially, you’ll have it for those last minute getaways, visiting friends up and down the country and family holidays. So the investment will be around much longer than a 2 week holiday.


Contact the experts at Glenns to find out exactly what accessories and extras you can get with your motorhome or caravan that will enhance your next holiday, and have a look through a selection of refurbished motorhomes and caravans.